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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser + One Refill Stoko Refresh 1000ml Gel - KIT

  • $21.95

Reorder No. 35234-COMBO

Combo Includes One Stoko Refresh 4-in-1 1000ml Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel Refill (35234) Plus One White Dispenser (34921).

STOKO® REFRESH 4 in 1 Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel is an alcohol-based sanitizer for rapid germ killing activity when handwashing facilities are not readily available. Demonstrates a greater than 99.99% kill in 15 seconds or less against antibioticresistant bacteria including MRSA and VRE. Kills 99.99% of common germs that can cause disease.

Contains a conditioner which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth after the product dries, and does not leave a tacky afterfeel like emollient-containing formulations often do. In the 21-Day Cumulative Irritation Test, product demonstrated to be mild to the skin and showed no sign of skin sensitization.

Each refill features the Hygeni-Lok® system which ensures a safe, clean, hygienic product, free from germs and bacteria. The bottle and pump are completely replaced with every changeout providing a fresh new system each time. The high performance patented gel pump provides ample product for thorough sanitizing. Provides up to 1000 pumps per 1000ml refill.

Requires Stoko Refresh® 4 in 1 1000ml dispenser.

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