Stokoderm Sun Protect 30 PURE 1 Liter Skin Cream

Stokoderm Sun Protect 30 PURE 1 Liter Skin Cream, Pack of 1

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  • UV skin protection cream for protection of UVA, UVB and UVC. Where to use: Outdoor workers exposed to UVA & UVB sun rays. Workers exposed to UVC rays from some industrial processes (e.g., welding - use with PPE)
  • UVB 30 High performance - SPF 30 provides 30 times the skin normal protection against the sun's UVB rays.
  • Conforms to European Recommendation for UVA protection. Provides 35 times the skin's normal protection against UVC rays.
  • Water resistant formula - withstands heavy perspiration or immersion in water
  • Quickly and easily absorbed - encourages regular use and does not affect dexterity with hand held tools
  • Perfume-free. Unscented.
Reorder No. DEB-SUN1L-EA Pre-work skin protection creams help protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants, irritants and working conditions. Pre-work creams help form a protective layer on the skin to prevent the penetration of contaminants into the skin and to make skin easier to clean.